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Shipping & Returns


Simplistic Everyday wear Collection- (items that I have listed for sale on the website)

Please allow 5-7 business days for production and another 3-5 for shipping.

If you need an items rushed or altered please contact us via email so we can address your needs.

Return & Exchange Policy

Concerning our Custom works: Here at KaLisa Fine Jewelry, we rely on Commissioned Custom Jobs. For these jobs in particular, we DO NOT accept returns on the works. When choosing a custom, you will be at the very center of the action. We follow strict steps in stages. We receive your approval on each step before moving forward. You will know exactly what you are receiving, and will be 100% comfortable, or it will not be produced. However, we warranty all our pieces to be correct as ordered, and free from defect. We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee that states we will correct or replace any piece that has not meet these quality standards.

Concerning our Everyday Wear Collection: These are pieces that we produce to be ready on hand for you when you need them. We DO accept return and exchanges on these items for 30 days after the sale by date. If you find you are in need of a return or exchange, promptly send our support team your invoice notifying them of the intent to return, and we will assist you from there. 

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