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" I get asked a lot,  how do I know I am making the right decision? I don't know anything about diamonds."


My answer is always the same... but you know the person you are buying it for...Now, how can I help. I have helped clients in every stage of their jewelry purchases. Some things, maybe like wrapping the item, may seem like fluff to some. While to others the presentation speaks louder than the gift itself. Some of the smallest thought out touches can bring moments to life. After all it is not material, but emotional. You present someone with  an item that brings about emotion everytime it is worn, and voila' , you've won!

So, how can I help?"


Meet KaLisa

Some call her a Designer, others an artist, even some as their "jeweler for life". No matter which title she gets the pleasure of responding to, one thing will never change. She is a lover of exquisite jewelry, a lover fueled by the passion of others. She takes huge pride in making each and every moment with her clients inspiring, relaxing, and most importantly real.

She started the industry at 19 working at a big box jewelry store. She had a simple role assisting sales associates with the task of paperwork and wrapping luxury items. She moved into sales, and soon into management of the diamonds. Having gone to school for Design, it became apparent that her skill set could be used in an even better way, as a custom Designer. Her detailed hand drawn renderings would soon come to life. Custom engagement rings, and speciality wedding bands were the beginning. Before she knew it, some of the clients most treasured heirloom pieces were being melted, worked, and transformed into modern wearable works of art.

"Jewelry has been an expression of emotion for thousands of years. Some of love, some of accomplishment, and some expressing the joy of life itself. Even some, in their darkest, with desires to hold a bit of hope, and remembrance. This is your piece, your passion, your rules. I simply would like to create your message." -KaLisa

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