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the sky is the limit...or is it

inviting Electrical pieces to come to life one color at a time

k-" ...The hush of the room as her hand extended forward"


At KaLisa Fine Jewelry, we are a design team that specializes in creating custom jewelry pieces. We handle jewelry pieces as simple or complex as requested, but we seek clients that have a vision that they can not find elsewhere. Maybe it is a piece you have been dreaming up for years, or maybe it is a recreation of a family heirloom. Whichever the case my be, we are here to assist you  in your jewelry work of art.

Vonbuskirk- Custom Engagement- top view
Vonbuskirk- Halo engagement ring-side view
Custom upgraded Engagement
Keepsake Wedding Tiara
Custom Gents Wedding Band
Custom wedding Band
For the simple Celebrations in life


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